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Queen of Hearts

Never played before? It’s simple. Tickets are $1.00 each and they're sold at the Boyne City Eagles club, 106 River St. Boyne City MI 49712


What's on the ticket? Fill out the perforated part of the ticket to include your name, address, phone number and most importantly your envelope # 1-54. You’re picking the envelope you think the Queen of Hearts card is in. Make sure not to pick one that's already been drawn! (current available numbered envelopes are displayed in a locked case located at the Boyne City Eagles club).


Every week ONE ticket will get drawn at approx. 7:30pm on Thursdays (unless weather or closure, we move to the next business day) and one ticket will always win! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN!


You must purchase tickets every week to participate in that week’s drawing!


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Boyne City FOE 1583

Queen of Hearts Raffle 2022‐2023

House Rules

  1. “The Queen of Hearts” is a weekly progressive raffle.

  2. A standard 52 card deck will be used with 2 jokers – total 54 cards

  3. Cards will be shuffled and placed face down and inserted into envelopes of the same shape and type and sealed in the same manner. Two chairpersons will sign across the seal on the back of each envelope. All envelopes will be shuffled.

  4. No less than two chairpersons of the Boyne City FOE 1583 will number each envelope and place the envelopes in the display case.

  5. The display case will be displayed in a public location.

  6. Only the raffle chairpersons will have a key to the display case and access to the cabinet.

  7. Drawing dates will be every Thursday between 7:30 – 8:00 pm beginning September 29, 2022, and continuing until October 5, 2023 (54 weeks). In case of an emergency, holiday, inclement weather, or unforeseen circumstances, the drawing will be held on the next open day from 7:30 – 8:00 pm.

  8. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1.00 each. 60% of all tickets sales, minus consolation prizes will make up the Jackpot. 40% of all ticket sales, minus expenses, will go to the Boyne City FOE 1583. Raffle tickets are only good for one week unless raffle postponed, see rule #7.

  9. Any tickets visibly bent or otherwise manipulated will be removed from tumbler before drawing.

  10. The purchaser holding the weekly winning ticket will select one (1) envelope, #1 to #54 or those remaining after previous week(s), from the display case. Only one ticket and one envelope will be opened each week.

  11. If the individual whose ticket is drawn is not present at the drawing and the preferred envelope number is not indicated on the ticket, or if a ticket is pulled that has an envelope number already opened, the committee will open the first available number in sequence on the board ( i.e. if the number selected is “7”, and that was previously opened, the committee will move sequentially to “8” or the next available unopened envelope).

  12. To win the Jackpot, the weekly winning ticket holder must pick the envelope that contains the Queen of Hearts. If the Queen of Hearts is not selected, the Jackpot rolls over until the next week. The Jackpot will continue to roll over on a weekly basis until the Queen of Hearts is selected. This could last until the last night of the licensed year. If the Jackpot is disbursed before the 51st weekly drawing, the raffle will start over (see rules #2‐4).

  13. If the winning ticket holder selects the Queen of Hearts card, they win the Jackpot, which is 60% of all raffle tickets sold, minus previous consolation prizes. See prize payment schedule.

  14. Tickets may be purchased at the Boyne City FOE 1583 or from ticket sellers selected by the chairpersons.

  15. Ticket sales for the weekly drawing will end at 7:15 pm. the day of the drawing.

  16. Directly following the weekly drawing, all tickets sold for that drawing will be discarded.

  17. Ticket sales for the next week’s drawing will begin after the previous weeks drawing has taken place.

  18. Chairpersons whom participated in the envelope stuffing may not purchase raffle tickets for the Queen of Hearts Raffle.

  19. All payouts will be made by check. A 1099, proper identification, and tax information will be required for all payouts over $600.00. Tax withholding will take place according to State and Federal regulations.

  20. The Jackpot will be disbursed during the last licensed drawing night. Every card drawn on this date will pay its consolation prize until the Queen of Hearts is drawn or the Jackpot has been exhausted.

  21. The Michigan Charitable Gaming Rules and House Rules are the Official rules governing the Queen of Hearts Raffle for the Boyne City FOE 1583.



MSL #C30629

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