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The first step in joining the Fraternal Order of Eagles is to apply. This can be done inside the club by buzzing in at the door in the main entrance, and requesting an application from the bartender on duty. This process also requires two sponsors (members) who currently hold an FOE membership in good standing to sign your application with you.

If you do not know a current member of the Eagles, you may request help from the bartender and they will assist in finding someone to sponsor you.



The other half of the process starts with a phone interview from our Inside Guard. They will reach out to you following the submission of your application, and she will go through some standard questions before giving your application off to the club officers to read at a regular meeting. Your name will later come up in another meeting to be voted on by membership, and if the vote is favorable you will receive a mailed letter with dates to show up for your initiation date.

On the day of initiation, you will wait outside the meeting to be called by our Conductor, get sworn in, and then pay your first year's dues. After you've been initiated, you will receive your membership card & door key in 14 business days.

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Founded in 1907, the Boyne City Eagles is one charter out of thousands that are associated with the Fraternal Order of Eagles. We're constantly finding ways to contribute to the growth of the Boyne City community, because we want to see our fellow community members and businesses thrive.

You can find more information about our club, how to apply for membership, future events, and more by clicking the button below.


The Boyne City Eagles is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a positive  impact on the Boyne community


Our members are welcoming, friendly, thoughtful, and most of all they know how to have a good time! You're never a stranger when you're at the Eagles Club.


The Boyne City Eagles is dedicated to making EVERY member feel included. We believe that everyone deserves to feel included and their voices heard.

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